"Modern Technologies driven by

Traditional methods"

BioAgeS Innovation (P) ltd

Envisions future of farming and is launched to ushering in the “Era of Brown revolution”. Brown Revolution is to Increase the soil-fertility index and nutritive values for plant and plant produces through Agro* Bio*Technology.





Empowering the nation using simple, innovation driven, commonsense approach, to interface cutting edge, state of the art technologies and conventional methods and lead the world to see a hunger free universe.


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We Are

We strongly attach sentimental values and emotions to the way of life and livelihood of farmers. We measure the world in agricultural perspectives.


BioAgeS Innovations (P) Ltd, Coimbatore, is the first homogeneous private sector company in the region of Coimbatore to cater to the needs of the Agriculture sectors by developing, outsourcing  and transferring technology or its products developed thereof by the cutting edge, state of art technology “safe biotechnology”.


In the Field of agriculture the company has been catering to the basic requirement of the farmers. It has been rendering support and expertise in a customized approach using a right blend of conventional, traditional and technology driven innovations in the integration of the same, to produce food in an end to end manner from seed to soil to mouth.


The directors of the company are experts in their own fields ranging from Soil management and rizho-disposition, Genetic engineering and Plant Tissue culture. They have for the past years involved in the production of several crops including the world major staple crops like rice and cassava. They are also closely associated with the organic farming methods and Low-input Sustainable Agricultural (LISA) practices.


The company has brought out a range of technologically advanced Agri- input products that help in soil fertility and plant nutrient management. They are Bio-Activated Organic Nutrient Complexes (BAONC) which advocated the concepts of Chemical Equivalent Doses (CED) can be delivered to the crops through suitable irrigation channels. These products target even the precision farming systems and hi-tech farming methods also.


Ever since 2007, the company has been catering to the sector and have been gaining momentum. Led by three scientists with varying field of expertise, the company caters to three phase of agricultural evolution, by offering solutions  through its agro*bio*technology products.

Evolution I    : traditional and conventional farming practices (Soil based farming)

Evolution II  : hi tech modern agriculture (Soil less farming)

Evolution III : space age agriculture (atmosphere based farming)

Mission Our Team
  • Dr. K. M. Aravinthan

    (Managing Director and Director of Finance and operations):

    Ph.D in Tissue culture, with 3 years of experience in the corporate (AVT groups) production and Research and Development. 8 Years of teaching and 19 years of Research experience in production of bioactive compounds in suspension culture (Biotechnology). A strong willed farmer himself with a grass root level innovations in resource management and technology application.

    E-mail: aravinthan@bioages.co

  • Dr. Arunkumar


    (Director of Marketing and Business Development):

    Ph.D in Mycorrhizal research, with 3 years of company (Sakthi groups Ltd)  experience at the felid level and crop development. Seven years of teaching and 20 years of research experience in biotechnology of biofertilizers, with a strong network of Entrepreneurs and Farmers.  Has been working closely with the farmers of Coimbatore and Erode District in developing strategies for crop development and protection with low and calculated inputs. Member Board of Studies Bharathiar university and several Institutes and colleges.

    E-mail: arunkumar@bioages.co

  • Dr. M. Saravanakumar

    (Director of Technology development and Transfer):

    Ph. D in Genetic Engineering, with diverse exposure and experience in the relevant field of Genetic Engineering (Worked with the SPIC Research Foundations and is Currently attached with the Rasi Group of Companies as consultant). Has 5 years of teaching experience and 20 years of research experience in genetic transformation of plants. Board members and advisory council member for several academic institutes. Is highly connected with scientists, Techno-pruners, Entrepreneurs and Regulatory board authorities.

    E-mail: saravanakumar@bioages.co

(Board of Advisors)

  • Ms. Mithilla Arunkumar

    Mrs. Mithila is a graduate from Stella Maris college, Chennai and a Law graduate from madras law college. She has been mentored by Senior Advocate Ramasamy K who specializes in company law and tax laws. She had worked under the guidance of the TRR associates a law firm of generations handling civil litigations.

  • CA E.M.Sambath Kumar

    CA E.M.Sambath Kumar is also Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and also a Graduate Cost and Management Accountant. He has experience of more than 6 years in the field of Auditing, Costing and he currently take the Advisory role of Costing of Products.

  • CA K.S.Thillainathan

    CA K.S. Thillainathan received the designation of chartered accountant in 2004 & has 7 years of experience in Corporate Taxation & Financial Advisory.  He currently consults the taxation & Financial Advisory in our company.

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“Our only mission is to see the pride, charm, smile and dignity in a farmer and thereby dependants of agricultural”.

(Board of Directors)

      Our product are produced from the natural process like fermentation, hydrolysis (enzymatic acid, alkaline / ketonization) hence, unlike the high energy consuming chemical synthetic processes, these biochemical processes are naturally optimized by free radical scavenging systems. The difference of associative free radicals are fond in excess in synthetic products whereas the excess can be scavenged by the organic natural products, hence there is more selective biosorption of these molecules as opposed to forced transportation of chemical moieties in to the biological systems.  The products derived therefore ensures that there is a steady supply of nutrients based only on the plants demand for nutrients, thereby increasing the nutrient retention and confers high nutrient density in the end produce which is primarily responsible for taste, flavour and nutritive qualities. The products derived thereof are called new generation molecules* and their derivatives.




- Product of us is a combination of molecules that ensures nutrient equity.

- It has all the major nutrients N P K and O, C along with plant growth factor, root initiation

- factor and microbial growth enhancers. They contain some enzymes, protein and amino acids

- that conditioned the soil to regulate uptake of nutrients. This is suitable for all soil microclimatic

- conditions. This is consider to be the first generation product that helps transition of use of

- synthetic agro chemicals to bio molecules without major loss in productivity

Ingredients : amino acid hydrolysate, small peptides, plant growth promoters, phytase, cellulose and ligninase, major nutrient N P and K, O, C and Humic acid.

pH : 7.45 – 8    |    Colour : Dark Brown    |    State : Liquid    |    Settlements : 2%

Gas formation : yes    |    Shelf life : Infinite*    |    *store in below 40°C.

Application: As Per Schedule

- Product of us is a combination of molecules that ensures induction and elicitation of

- signal molecules.

- It has all the micro nutrients, O, C along with plant growth factor, microbial growth enhancers,

- biostimulants and elicitors at optimized concentration. They contain small signal peptides and

- amino acids. This is suitable for all microclimatic conditions.


small signal peptides, plant growth promoters, growth adjuvant and Humic acid.

pH : 7.45 – 8    |    Colour : Brown    |    State : Liquid    |    Settlements : 2%    |    Gas formation : yes

Shelf life : Infinite*    |    *store in below 40°C.



As Per Schedule

"Modern Technologies driven by

Traditional methods"




These are molecules or combination of molecules act at three levels that facilitate and enhance productivity.

Soil ecosystem – nutrient availability

Microbial Population

Plants absorbability and Metabolism.


- Facilitates solubilisation of the fixed nutrients through activation of selective beneficial indigenous microbial species and introduced microbial species. This enhances the bio availability of the required nutrients, forming a readily available reserve nutrient pool.


- Facilitates the increase in selective permeability of vital specific nutrients which are needed by the plants. This increases the retention of nutrients within the plants thus increasing the nutrient density within the plant produce (quality like taste, fragrance and nutritive values).


- Facilitates increase of nutrient absorption by increase in the root surface area (increasing convolutions). They form an interphase zone between the root and the nutrient pool to regulate and optimize nutrient exchange.

This ensures the healthy growth of plants and increase in biomass and therefore yield


*note these don’t fall under the categories of fertilizer and pesticides.



These are molecules or combination of molecules that vitalizes and ensures the proper functioning of plant systems.


1. Plant functioning

2. Defence systems

3. Reproductive or flowering systems


- Vitalizes the Photosynthetic and translocation systems in plants by

- ensuring equal distribution of nutrients and photosynthatates to

- increases metabolic productivity.

- Vitalizes the defence mechanism of plants through elisitor or signal

- molecules contain in them to increase the immunity like defence

- molecules produced by the plant during appropriate stages of growth.

- Vitalizes the flowering, pollination, flower retention positional of the

- plant by regulating the absession and senesances signal mechanisms.

What We Deliver
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Schedule for Plants For You

The experts of the company help the farmers in stimulating simplified scientific thought process, so that the farmers make quick, optimal and efficient decision for local problems.


Rules for deciding

- Requirement: you are to get clear and well educated on your

- requirements. What you require, when do you require and how

- much do you require? Are essential questions you must ask

- before deciding.

- Strongly believe:  You strongly believe that “your land is your lab”,

- never allow others to experiment on it with their product or

- services without your permission.

- Decide on the product or service you require precisely

- Check if we have the solution you need, is available with us

- If yes – call us

- If no – call us


General information (pdf files)


National Agricultural policy frame work

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